Traditional Verses (Short)

As each day dawns, we think of you;

As each night falls, we pray for you.

And throughout our lives, no matter where;

In our hearts you are always there.

There Is No Night Without A Dawning

No winter without a spring

And beyond the dark horizon

Our hearts will once more sing ….

For those who leave us for a while

Have only gone away

Out of a restless, care worn world

Into a brighter day

Your life was love and labour,

Your love for your family true,

You did your best for all of us,

We will always remember you.

We lost a mother with a heart of gold:

How much we miss her can never be told.

In our thoughts forever

Weep not for me my beloved ones

My soul is overwhelmed with joy

I am watching over you from on High.

There’s always a reason for living.

Though sad your heart may be.

There’s always another horizon

Beyond the one you see.

No matter how life changes

No matter what we do 

A special place within our hearts

Is always kept for you

Mother’s there expecting me

Father’s waiting too

Lots of folk gathered there

All the friends I knew …

We hold you close within our hearts

And there you shall remain,

To walk with us throughout our lives

Until we meet again.

Peace is the serenity of the soul, 

the tranquillity of the mind 

and the simplicity of the heart.

Weeping may remain for a night;

But rejoicing comes in the memory

Love crosses every horizon and 

entwines our hearts for an eternity.

We hold you close within our hearts

and there you shall remain

To walk with us throughout our lives

until we meet again.

We have loved him in life,

Let us not forget him in death.