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Design Options

At Swift Memorial Cards, we offer an extensive range of design options including Personalise, Template, Customise and Bespoke.  The simplest method is Personalise, where the addition of a profile photo and personal details completes the card.  The Template option offers the extra features of choosing a background and selecting a verse.  For full creative control choose the Customise option.  If you would prefer us to design your memorial cards for you, opt for the Bespoke option and contact us here.

Swift Memorial Cards Waterford Design Memorial Card Remembrance

Memorial Card Stationery

Memorial Card

Four page layout

74mm (w) x 105mm (h)


Bookmark Card

Two page layout

60mm (w) x 170mm (h)

Wallet Card

Two page layout

55mm (w) x 85mm (h)

Comes with Holder

Acknowledgement Card

Two page layout

148mm (w) x 105mm (h)

Envelopes, delivery and VAT expenses are all included in the final price.

Video Tutorial

Personalise your Memorial Card or create a new design from start to finish with image uploads, text options and a selection of backgrounds from Swift Memorial Cards.

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