Frequently Asked Questions

Designing Your Own

When you are in the design form, all you have to do is click on the desired products listed on the top of the page to select them, once selected the button will turn grey.

Once you have a product selected when designing your own, the button at the top should be grey. You will also see the products you’ve selected listed at the end of the page.

All you have to do to select a design is click on the one you would like. You can change the theme of the design by clicking browse categories and selecting a preferred design style. You can also choose the option to use your own image instead.

To select a verse, all you have to do is click on either one or two of the preferred verses. If the second verse you would like is in a different category just type in the code of the verse in the instructions to the designer section towards the end of the form.

Yes, all you have to do is type the verse into the instructions for the designer and where you would like it located on the card. If the verse is in a picture you can upload it in the upload pictures section.

Towards the bottom of the form, there is a section called “Instructions to Designer”, here you can write any details you would like to convey to the designer.

Towards the bottom of the form, there is a section called “Upload your pictures”, if you click on the plus in the middle of the box, it will open the library of your computer. Then you just select the pictures you want to include and click open and they will be uploaded onto the form.

If you have difficulty uploading your pictures, you can just email them to us instead.

Yes, when the designer has finished the first draft of the design they will forward you a proof of the card to your email. All you need to do is respond to the email with any changes or corrections to the design. Once you’re happy to go ahead with the design, then the cards will go to production.

Please don’t worry about this as the designer won’t stop correcting the card for you until you are happy with the design. Only then will the cards be sent to print. If you are still worried about paying upfront, you can just give us a call and we can go through the bespoke process instead.

Yes, generally the design styles already on the site can be edited to suit what you’d like

Bespoke Designs

Bespoke cards are cards that we design for you from scratch with the details and pictures you provide us. With these designs there is no standard design work prior so it will be totally unique.

If you are looking to order memory cards made from scratch, all you have to do is contact us via phone or email and we can help you with the process from there. Our phone number is 051 334 926 and our email is

The prices are the same between the design form cards and the bespoke cards, and so the price can be calculated from the unit price breakdown under pricing at the top of the website. Alternatively you can contact us with the products you’d like and their respective quantities and we will email you a quote.

Once you have confirmed that you are happy with the price and would like to go ahead all you have to do is supply us with the following:

Details of Passing: This may include the former address, the date of birth and date of passing of the loved one.

Send us all the pictures and verses you would like to use on the card.

Send us a breakdown of the card layout i.e. where you would like the pictures and verses located as well as what text you would like on the front or back etc.


We use a sturdy 350gsm white card stock for all our memorial products, which will then be hot laminated for added durability.

When you process an order through either design your own or bespoke cards, the order includes unlimited design time (within reason), white envelopes and shipping.

Yes of course, if you have previously ordered cards with us all you have to do is contact us via email or phone. We will have your design on file already and can send an amended quote per the new order.

If you happen to not like the cards you receive, there are two options. You can either request a refund and send us back the cards, or we can alter the cards and redo them for you.

No there is no limit to what you can order between product types and quantity, although there is a minimum quantity of 25.

Generally not as if we were include envelopes with the card, we may not be able to supply envelopes of a non standard size. If you don’t need envelopes, then yes we can do any size you need but will need to go through the bespoke process.

Don’t worry, our designers will try their best to edit pictures to make them brighter and sharper. If a picture happens to be too poor in quality will will let you know and suggest a replacement.

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